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The very definition of breadth over depth.
This review contais ALL OF THE SPOILERS.

Especially the one between expectation and disappointment


Another batch of 10 games from the service, ranked

Is it possible to have more (and better) free time while doing more (and better) work?

  • In my personal life: I’m writing more, reading more, consuming less social media, exercising more, and getting better sleep. I’m even procrastinating less on those pesky top-left tasks on the Eisenhower Matrix! It’s beautiful.
  • In my work life: I’m measurably more productive, less stressed, and I feel like the quality of my output has improved. …

From Frogger to Spek to Cat Quest, here’s the first batch of 10 highlights

  • I love it.
  • I think it can, and probably will, represent a renaissance for mobile gaming.
  • I believe it has the potential to start including Apple in the same gaming conversations that today feature only Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft.
  • I really love it.

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